1. Taxi: expensive and uncomfortable, but convenient and frequent (NT$1000-1500)

Uber from the center of Taipei city cost around NT$1000-1500 with around 1 and a half hours drive depending on the time of day.
The best thing is that you can rest and don't have to drag your luggage around. During the long hot Taiwanese summers, the cool airco certainly helps. With Metered yellow Taxis you will be looking at about NT$200-300 more than Uber.

2. Airport Transfer: Comfortable but need to book 8 hours in advance. If you have 3-4 people or a family will be a good deal. (Approx. NT$800)

Pre arranged Airport Transfer. Licensed businesses especially for Airport transfers are great value. This option is less costly than Uber/Taxi but you do need to arrange this beforehand.

3. Airport Metro: Economic but need to carry your suitcase to the hotel (NT$35, NT$75)

Airport Metros are modern and efficient and airco blessed. You do need to walk around a bit to get on the metro from the airport, thankfully in the Taipei metro there are escalators everywhere in case you need to drag your luggage everywhere.
If your hotel is not near the metro then you'd need to get a Uber/Taxi. (NT$75)

4. Bus: Cheap (NT$150)

Busses for the masses. Generally around NT$150 or so to travel to and from the airport. There are useful Apps that tell you in real time of when they are due. Generally you can expect a bus to arrive every 30min to an hour.

There are dedicated bus stops at the airport. Return trip will require planning ahead.

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