FunNow 與用戶連結生活的地方,可以說是 APP 及網站吧!而要將一個 APP 產品,與人性習慣連結,就需要 Sharon 這樣的產品設計師,她也已經在 UI/UX 領域耕耘已經 12 年了呢!Sharon 笑稱自己在懷胎九個月時與 FunNow 團隊相遇,幾乎與「媽媽成長之路」一同展開的這個工作,也讓她有更多 UX 的「靈感」。因為透過與孩子的互動,她時常反思什麼樣的反應及行為,會是她與孩子最好的溝通方式,似乎就像打造美好的用戶體驗一樣!

在加入 FunNow 前,Sharon 在不同公司及影音串流平台負責產品規劃設計、使用者研究與品牌打造的角色,透過深入使用者蒐集回饋來進行產品設計、達成產品目標。新創圈快速迭代的節奏,也造就她持續保持好奇心與熱忱,而喜歡嘗試都會中新鮮事物的 Sharon,與 FunNow 一拍即合,尤其公司文化讓她在生活與工作之間能達到平衡。Sharon 這樣一個熱愛生活與樂於分享的人,希望也能透過設計都會享樂即時預訂平台,讓許多喜歡玩樂、懂得生活的用戶,更快速及便利地暢遊城市。


Sharon 認為使用者經驗領域的工作者,性格特質中「同理、傾聽」較明顯,她自己也喜歡觀察人在不同情境之下內心的心理感受,以及其外顯的行為與情緒表現,探究背後的原因。本著對人的成長歷程與人性心理的好奇,每當朋友傾訴心事時,Sharon 總能站在較客觀的角度提出貼近人心的見解。


「沒有最好的,只有更好的」這是 Sharon 抱持的觀念,就個人來說是追求更好的自己,就工作來說也是追求一個更人性化、更符合用戶需求的產品。不僅將「設計思考」的思維放在工作上,也用同理放進生活中,來了解如何變得更好。


生活與工作中有許多角色的 Sharon,需要將時間有效管理,她不僅僅將教養小孩當作一個專案來看待,近期她也透過習慣上的小改變,來創造「複利」的效果。例如透過調整生活作息晚點睡覺或早點起床,找出每天半小時時間來看看書,來建立吸收知識的習慣與長期的價值。而帶領著產品設計團隊的 Sharon 也期盼,團隊夥伴透過每次一點點的發現與改變,讓 FunNow 越來越好。


When it comes to connecting FunNow and our users, the application and website are often the first things that pop up in people’s mind. Working in the UI/UX field for more than 12 years, Sharon, the product design lead of FunNow, has always devoted herself to making great progress in our application. Sharon encountered the FunNow family when she was nine months pregnant; therefore, her brand new role of a “mother” sparked her inspiration in the UX industry. Similar to building up good user experiences, Sharon reflects on her own reaction and behaviour every now and then in order to find out the best way to communicate with her children. 

Before entering FunNow, Sharon had been in charge of product planning, user studies, and brand building in different companies along with other streaming services. Through collecting a great deal of user feedback, she gained experience in product designing and achieving product goals. Besides, the quick iteration of startups enables Sharon to maintain her curiosity and zeal. Thus, she finds it simple to reach the balance between work and recreational activities in the flexible corporate culture of FunNow. As an experimenting and enthusiastic person, Sharon is looking forward to making FunNow the smartest instant booking platform for users to travel around the city in a quick but also convenient way.

#Step Into Other's Shoes

Sharon has always regarded workers in the user experience field as good listeners with great empathy. She enjoys observing people’s inner feelings and behaviours in different situations, trying to explore the reason behind every reaction. Hence, Sharon often brings up ideas that are natural to the human heart and offers advice in a more objective way of thinking.

#Pursue The Better

I believe there is no best, only better.” To Sharon, “pursue the better” is not merely pushing toward a better self, striving to develop a more user-friendly product that meets the needs of FunNow users is critical as well. She not only puts the concept of “design thinking” on work but also adds empathy in her daily life, making both her work and her time on earth “better”.

#Small Changes Matter

In order to juggle multiple roles in her everyday life, Sharon has to manage her time effectively. Aside from viewing raising children as a project, she has recently been creating “compound interests” with the help of “small changes” in her daily life. For example, by modifying her daily routine, Sharon now has time to spend at least half an hour reading every day. In this way, she can both absorb new knowledge and build up long-term values. Moreover, Sharon encourages her team members to improve themselves through slight adjustments and discoveries in their day-to-day life, ultimately making the FunNow family one step ahead.