Hola everyone! (ok, you can probably tell that I’ve been binging on Netflix’s Money Heist)... 


Anyway…I’m Jenn! Check out a bit more about me from my mini self-made profile here - a picture says a thousand words they say!


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I enjoy living my life to the fullest (carpe diem, ya know) and think that pampering is an essential part of life and it does not have to burn a hole in the pocket, if you know how to spend smart that is ;) 


I used to be super thrifty (almost frugal) in everything that I can do to love myself more but one day I came across a quote by my fav actress Emma Watson - “If not now, when?”, and it just became my Aha! moment. It has been my life motto ever since! 


If I don't work hard now, then when? If I don’t pamper myself now, then when? When I’ve wrinkles on my skin? (Oh definitely not!). So ladies, here’s an advice from a girlfriend to girlfriend - love yourself from this moment on, if you haven’t already! And by that, it can be anything that makes you smile! From pampering yourself with a nice spa session or prettifying those nails or picking yourself a nice bag from your favourite brand cos one can never have too many bags righto ;)


But...with MCO…I ran out of ways to pamper myself…


Let me show you what I was pre MCO...

//cdn.funnow.com.tw/images/oblog/Life with Jenn Blog_Image 3 (A) - PRE MCO_0aea91.jpg


//cdn.funnow.com.tw/images/oblog/Life with Jenn Blog_Image 3 (B) - MCO_dcdaf2.jpg


Do you feel me? I can’t imagine myself returning to the New Normal with my current look... Meeting my clients or out on a date looking like this? (NO WAY) *pulls hair*

So, one fine day, as fate has it, I received a notification from FunNow. I clicked in and to my delight, there are plenty of great deals up for grabs to transform myself to not just my old self, but a better version of me 😏


//cdn.funnow.com.tw/images/oblog/Life with Jenn Blog_Image 4 - App Push Notification_5dd17c.jpg


So here I am sharing with you how I intend to transform into my New Me and yet not damage my poor little purse cos sharing is caring, no? 

Read on to find out how I save a total of RM 270. Hint: Thanks to FunNow’s VIP benefits!



First things first -  haircut and treatment!




I go to No21 Salon to get my haircut and treatment done. I was not able to book No21 Salon on FunNow previously but I know if I successfully recommended my favourite merchant on-board the app, I can pay less for the same service! On top of that, I’ll get rewarded 500 Fun Coins (which translates to a RM12.50 discount just like that) as a referral bonus too! 

So, when I recommended No21 Salon to FunNow, and voila, like a dream come true, No21 came onboard! 🥳 And I’d only book on FunNow now whenever I wanna head over to pamper my locks! Can’t wait to book again to get my hair back in shape!


//cdn.funnow.com.tw/images/oblog/Life with Jenn Blog_Image 5 (B) - No21_14b3f9.jpg


//cdn.funnow.com.tw/images/oblog/Life with Jenn Blog_Image 5 (A) - No21_ec7dd4.jpg




Next up are my poor nails




Who else agrees with me that hands are women's second face 🙋‍♀️ I just had my gel manicure done right before MCO started so imagine my nails which are quarterly painted paired with natural nails…? 🤦‍ I need to get my nails painted again after CMCO!


//cdn.funnow.com.tw/images/oblog/Life with Jenn Blog_Image 6 (A) - Mystical Lab_2baba1.jpg


To be honest, I’m not a loyal customer when it comes to nail art. If I don't have a preference, I’ll check out the new release section on FunNow. Why? Because VIPs get 50% off ALL new releases EVERY month, with a maximum discount of up to RM25. Isn’t it awesome to be a FunNow VIP? 🤝    

And guess what I found in there this time? A first trial offer from Mystical Lab in Cheras. What that means is that I can enjoy further discounts as a first-time customer to the merchant 🤗 The pictures look so boootiful, don’t you think? 😍

//cdn.funnow.com.tw/images/oblog/Life with Jenn Blog_Image 6 (B) - Mystical Lab_8deece.jpg




How did you become a FunNow VIP & what other perks are there?




I suppose by now you might be asking how I became a FunNow VIP eh? I guess spending enough on my favourite massage merchant - Neutra Wellness in Solaris Mont Kiara makes me one! 😆 

I also log in frequently to check out what’s being offered and read their news feed! One more thing, I enjoy writing a review after I've visited a merchant so that I get to collect points to become a VIP.

 All of these little actions level me up to VIP status! How easy can it get? 

Oh, there was once when I recommended Neutra Wellness to my bestie and we went for a massage together. Towards the end of the session, I got to choose between a complimentary 15-min FIR sauna, heat pad or heating compress worth RM20 (I picked sauna!) and my friend wondered why because she did not get the same. Sorry bestie to have made you wait for me, that was a VIP privilege! 🤭


//cdn.funnow.com.tw/images/oblog/Life with Jenn Blog_Image 7 (A) - Neutra Wellness_569a69.jpg


Apart from the masseur’s skills, I enjoyed going to Neutra Wellness because they have really friendly and thoughtful staff. They could even recognize me and address me by name after just a couple of visits. They’ve just recently refurbished and the ambiance is very modern which is again candy to my eyes 😍


//cdn.funnow.com.tw/images/oblog/Life with Jenn Blog_Image 7 (B) - Neutra Wellness_d7da06.jpg


When it comes to cleanliness, need me say much? Nah, just read the bunch of authentic reviews on FunNow for yourself! 

Their latest promotion on FunNow highlights their preventive measures against Covid-19 that further assures me they have high hygiene standards. I’m so ready to enjoy my relaxing aroma massage at only RM40 and get my stiff neck and frozen shoulder fixed once they resume operations!




What Else is on FunNow though?




As soon as I became a FunNow VIP, I was totally psyched about my birthday celebration this year! I wanted to use my VIP Birthday Gift to treat my fam to a nice meal at a fancy restaurant! However, given the circumstance right now, I guess my birthday this year will be one-of-a-kind, thanks to COVID-19 😭 

But as they say, where there’s a will, there’s a way. My go-to saviour FunNow is here for the rescue again because they actually have a great bunch of F&B restaurants that I’d been eyeing to go to AND they’re available for takeaway! 

So, change of plan… I’m gonna invite my 3 besties to my place and binge-eat & watch our favourite Netflix’s show - “Too Hot to Handle” (like me? 🤣).


//cdn.funnow.com.tw/images/oblog/Life with Jenn Blog_Image 9 - [Netflix’s show picture]_cf19f6.jpg


Although we can’t have a feast outside, there’s plenty of takeaway options available under the Ramadan section on FunNow. One of them is the super popular De. Wan 1958 by Chef Wan which has my favourite local modern cuisine like Asam Pedas Sea Bass 🤤 (I’ve been wanting to try them for a long time 🤩). Without a doubt and in just a few clicks, I used my Birthday Gift to purchase the Ramadan Elite Set.

So, there you have it. My first blabbering during CMCO! I hope it kept you entertained and inspired you to get on FunNow nowww! Go follow them for updates!


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