When we think of spa and massage treatments, we think of luxurious pampering that us normal working folk don’t have the opportunity to get.


Well, what if we told you that you could get a quality spa and massage at an amazing price thanks to a great promotion? As Malaysia celebrates 62 years of independence, HealthLand is collaborating with FunNow to give you more reasons to celebrate by giving you the ability to indulge the way you deserve!

Read on to find out how a massage can benefit you, and how you can get one at a super deal!


1. Massages help you relax


When was the last time you let someone take care of you? Sometimes, we just need someone to take care of us. We spend most of our days working and taking care of our families, and rarely take time for ourselves.

Massages and spa treatments as a whole are relaxing for your body, mind and soul! There's nothing like having the stressful knots in your body massaged away, while being in a place where none of your stressors are present. So switch off your phone, close your eyes and indulge!


2. They're also good for your body


You might think that spas and massages are 'just for fun', but they actually benefit your body in a big way! Among the benefits of a massage, or simply taking time to relax at a spa, is proven to help reduce muscle tension, improve blood flow and even relieve a bad headache!

Besides its immediate effects, how good your body feels after you leave will have you feeling more energised throughout your day, which then helps your productivity, and even your sleep!


3. It will soothe your mind


There’s a Malay saying that goes, a healthy body creates a healthy mind; when your body feels pampered and taken care of, your mind will naturally feel more calm and rested! While spas and massages have many physical benefits, it also does wonders for the mind.

Many have found that massages can alleviate feelings of depression and anxiety, while spas usually use or diffuse oils like lavender and peppermint that have a calming effect on your mind!


With all these reasons to get a massage, we don’t see what’s stopping you, especially when HealthLand is working together with FunNow to offer big discounts on their massage packages, just for you!

Throughout the month of August, celebrate Merdeka with HealthLand and FunNow- receive vouchers worth up to RM50 for ALL massage packages when you use the code hlxfunnow50 upon checkout! The code will give you five RM10 vouchers to use at HealthLand, and is valid until 31st December 2019.



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All photos courtesy of Healthland