Thanks to your support in FunNow App in the past 1284 days, we now proudly present you the upgraded version of FunNow app to you today!

Let’s walk through the upgraded functions of the new FunNow app and enlighten your day with the freewheeling experience.

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1. Find your fun - booking your fun in a few taps

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Intuitive interface makes searching for your fun spontaneous and quick. You can now make your reservations with customized requests.

Q1: I am going for dinner with my friends, how many orders should I make through FunNow?

A1: Only 1!

We know the pain of making mutiple reservations when you are actually the same group of people dining at the same time. Now, you can make one single reservation for several people with new FunNow app by purchasing add-on or premium service directly. Ye, it's that easy.


Q2: Last-minute late check-in is really convenient, but sometimes I have to make plans in advance.

A2: Pas de problème! You can now reserve rooms 30 days prior to your trip, and book for consecutive days as you wish! From nap to rest, FunNow has your back.

We are aware that some of you are early planners and migh want to get things done as soon as you can. That is why we extended the lead time for some products!

2. Flash your fun - want it now, book it now!

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FunNow holds “Have fun, right now” as motto and supports our users to be free and impulsive. FunNow new version will have “Flash” tags for the ready-to-serve entertainments and services around the corner. You can book and go without hassle.

Next time you happen to be able to steal 2 hours from your tight schedule, grab your phone and open FunNow to see what fun entertainment is available the next minute!

3. Own your fun - explore the city by everyday life

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On top of browsing the services by their locations and categories, you can find your fun by themes and occasions - TGIF Happy hour, BFF gathering, escapade in the city, etc. Follow your mood and check out the enticing themes that FunNow finds for you.

Saving you time looking for what you want is all we want to achieve. Aren't we sweet?

4. Fun for FunNowers - Exclusive offers for Platinum members

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Good news for Platinum FunNowers! Now you can see all special deals and discounts, just for you, in the designated section. From extra free drink to extra 40-minute message, the priviledges never fail to satisfy Platinum FunNowers! Hooray!

Pick up your phone now and update to FunNow new version. Experience the new fun now!

Click here to download to be the new FunNower