The renowned Michelin Guide has announced its 2019 star-winning restaurants in Taipei on 4/10. With new restaurants poping up on the list, let us not forget that no restaurant from last year lost a single star. Now, as you may have noticed, some of these quality guaranteed restaurants are available for reservation on FunNow.  

Thanks to Taiwan Scene, we now get to see what's like to dine in these top notch restaurants. The below content is written by A Hungry Girl in Taipei under the partnership she has with Taiwan Scene, from which the original content is found: Celebrating Michelin Gastromonth in Taipei.

(All photos' credit is also given to A Hungry Girl in Taipei.)

A Hungry Girl in Taipei Eats her way through Michelin

2018 was the first year Taipei got its very own edition of The Michelin Guide, awarding 20 restaurants with stars, a further 36 smaller eateries and stalls with the bib gourmand distinction and another 70 eateries with the Michelin Plate distinction (allowing them to post the distinctive red Michelin sticker on their front doors).

04/18/2019 Update: the list has grown in 2019 to 24 starred restaurants, 58 bib gourmand, and 79 The Plate Michelin. See the complete list in The Michelin Guide.