Must go massage/spa in Taipei

I have summarized all of the top spa/ massage in Taipei with the below chart and how I rated in no particular order.


Rating explaination:

Environment = Cleanliness and design

Service = All in the details, curtesy, did I feel like a VIP?

Unwind = Was I able to relax?

Value = Value consideration with the combination of the above 3 criteria and cost.

I was a little apprehensive when asked to write about this, I mean I’m really ticklish and frankly I don’t like to be touched by people I don’t know well, let alone being intimately kneaded like pizza dough or slapped with therapeutic leaves. At least that is how I imagine what goes on behind closed doors. Taiwan is well known for massage/spas, this is because of their excellent value. There are many shops to choose from. I always walk by and see people sitting in a row of laid back seats having the bottom of their feet pressed into with knuckles. this seems pure torture to me, I’d die by tickling.

I found out it wasn’t such a sacrifice to write this but a rather enjoyable experience. I picked out the best based on cleanliness, service and whether they helped me to relax. I couldn’t tell you technically how good they are, I think that would be subjective. I would also suggest if you are hurting, ask them to go lighter and if your nerves are dead, the sky’s the limit. Though these recommended places are pretty good at judging your facial expression. I was also curious as to if the massage can help me recover faster from the three times a week lifting that I do. My deadlift has reached twice my weight and I’m adding weight every 2 to 3 weeks, therefore I’m constantly sore all over, all the time.

Oil or no oil? And how long do I need?

There are so many types of massages/spas out there, of a personal preference I like the oil/spa types of massage. This isn’t because I like the way the fragranced oil makes me all shiny and slippery, it is because the oil allows the hand to glide over the sore muscles, instead of non-oil massage, where they have to push and dig in with their elbow or thumb which for me is more damaging. What I find is that some masseurs have built up so much strength in their hands and arms, when you ask them to go light, they still push too hard. This is important for first-timers and people who do not go that often. A massage should give you a good sleep, relax your muscles and not make you feel sore for days. Gliding with oil is much more natural, if there is too much pressure in the massage, they are more likely to glide over instead of hurting your damaging you. Another plus side is that the oils smells great, you start to relax as soon as you walk in.

01 指舞春秋足體養生會館 Zhi Wu Chun Qiu


Literally translates to a silly name, something along the lines of finger dance spring autumn. Sounds more poetic if you understand Mandarin, anyways, these guys have been in the business for a very long time and they are considered the best in Taipei. As soon as you walk in, the fragrance of oils already start to sooth you and the internal décor also helps to completely unwind. The Staff are attentive and professional, and will ask you what is bothering you. In case you are going by yourself or do not speak mandarin, you can just point and grunt. There are many branches too, so check out your nearest one.

Link: Full body massage NT$749

02 米黎時尚 Mi Li Shi Shang


Traditional Taiwanese massage. This one is of good value, a full 125 min so nothing is missed. Decor is a little bland but they rely on their expertise.

Link: Full Body Oil Spa Massage 125 min NT$1499

03 金樂足體 Jin Le Zu Ti


A modern and comfortable décor and how they keep it spotless must be an undertaking task. You will never run out of spots here, they have plenty of beds and sofas.

Link: Body Oil Massage 70 min NT$1199

04 易境東方 Yi Jin Don Fan


Creme de la creme, the ambiance here is fantastic, as soon as I’m nearby I can already start to relax. The rooms are darkly lit and this enhances the scented oils you take in every breath and that puts you in the mood to unwind. Worth every NT$.

Link:  5 Essential Oils Spa Massage 120 min + Rose Salt Foot Spa NT$3000

05 冠天下 Guan Tian Xia


As soon as you walk down the stairs you start to feel like a VIP, you get your own room. The place feels like a good boutique hotel. Maybe it was?

Link: Hot Oil Body massage 60 min NT$859

06 樂活 Le Huo


Smaller place but excellent value & technique, the guy I had knew what was wrong without even asking me.

Link: Full body oil massage 105 min NT$1399

07 皇廷足 Huan Tin Zu


Traditional Taiwanese masssage, slept like a log. Great service, felt at home.

Link: Body massage 70 min NT$799

08 金都 Jin Du


Great service, felt special. A good relaxing experience. Comfortable and Clean.

Link: Relax body massage 60 min NT$899

09 湯布院 Tan Bu Yuan


Absolutely beautiful, looks expensive but it isn't. Highly recommended.

Link: Full body oil spa 60 min NT$1099

10 玄武 Xuan Wu


Excellent value and everyone knows that. Don't forget to book before hand. You can use the link below.

Link: Body massage 60 min NT$799


It has to be number 04 (易境東方 Yi Jin Don Fan), simply can't fault it. Cost more than the rest but in terms of service, environment etc. all scored highly. I'll be going there again after payday. Well worth it.